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About us

Welcome To BGW INDIA

Established in 2013, BGW INDIA is an Indian owned and operated company that manufactures custom-made warehouse and industrial storage systems. As a privately owned business, we have a strong focus on providing personal attention to each of our clients’ individual requirements. Delivering expert advice, cost efficiency and quality products second to none, BGW INDIA is the first choice for pallet racking for customers throughout Tamil Nadu and all over the Pan India.

Proudly Indian Made & Manufactured

The BGW INDIA engaged with the reputed manufacturing company in Chennai follows state of the art manufacturing process, with a team of dedicated staff intent on producing a product the carries our company name with pride,Our recipe for success is based on listening to customers, understanding their individual needs and providing a product tailored to meet their requirements.

No matter how small or large, we can deliver a warehouse storage system to accommodate your business with the committed time and we can even paint our products in your corporate colours for a professional and consistent appearance.

Professional Racking Installation Service

Our site crews have extensive experience in pallet racking and shelving installations. For major installations, BGW INDIA provides our own teams who are not only thoroughly trained in the installation procedures for BGW INDIA products, but are also able to undertake repairs and maintenance on your racking system.

We are willing to send out qualified installation team wherever they are needed, whether you require a quick repair or a full warehouse install, BGW INDIA has you covered

Repeat Client Base

Our loyal client base is an indication of our respected reputation. We have customers that have been using our racking systems for decades. Well-known Indian companies use us because we are reliable, we are trustworthy, and we always deliver on time and to a high standard. As we are client-focused, you will always be appointed the same project manager as they know your business, how you operate and how to best accommodate your needs.

Providing Quality Racking At Great Prices

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