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Pallet Racking in India

We proudly servicing clients India , BGW RACKING is India’s leading pallet racking company, producing strong and durable pallet racking systems that last. Our success can be accredited to our quality Indian-manufactured product, which holds a confident guarantee.

BGW India enjoys a strongly respected reputation amongst our loyal customer base after supplying pallet storage shelves and an endless variety of other storage equipment to a wide array of industries for over 30 years. When you need a solid pallet rack shelving solution for your business, BGW INDIA RACKS delivers.

Meeting And Exceeding Indian Standards

All BGW INDIA products conform to the latest Indian standards for steel storage racking, often exceeding these standards with our renowned quality. Our product is independently certified and tested to ensure that only the highest-quality product leaves our manufacturing facility.

Other companies may claim to manufacture in India, but they often import their racking and offer a lesser-quality product. Before buying your pallet racking, ask for certification to the latest standard, as well as confirmation of where it is made.

Proudly Indian Made

Our warehouse pallet racking is made using only Indian steel, guaranteeing higher quality and less imperfections than imported materials. Even while using the best materials available, our product remains highly competitive in price. We understand that price is a determining factor in your decision process, which is why our pallet racking is made with your needs and budget in mind.

The BGW INDIA Product

The BGW INDIA product has several key determining features that make it superior to competitors. Our frames are made from cold-rolled, pre-galvanised steel with a distinct keyhole punching. This profile enables ease of use to both install and adjust your pallet racking.

Our beams are made from roll-formed steel, and our beam sizes can be adjusted to suit both your weight load and the width of your bay. These beams are electrostatically coated in two layers of hi-vis orange; however, for a small additional cost, we can tailor the colours to suit your company’s style. We are the only company in India that can offer this service, and it allows for a great finish to your warehouse.

Our component description page offers a visual guide to assist you with deciding which components might be right for you.

Free Design And Advice

To discuss the available options for your warehouse, give us a call today: +91 8939728887. We can also come out to your site and measure your warehouse for free and create a plan layout. This enables you to visualise how the space will work, where your equipment will be located and where the racking would be most effective

Short Lead Time

Don’t wait months on end for your product to arrive from overseas. If you need to set up quickly, we are the people to talk to for efficient, quality pallet racking installation.

We have a huge volume of stock available and can even make your custom product and have it out the door in less than a week! With BGW INDIA, you will be in your warehouse and operating before other companies even have their product in a shipping container.

Providing Quality Racking At Great Prices

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