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Custom Design

We also offer complimentary 3D CAD design of any custom parts you may need, this allows you to visually understand what you will be getting before you engage us. We are able to manufacture huge varieties of custom parts, because we actually are warehouse shelving manufacturers!

Other companies only import product, but we make everything here in our office. The design team will work with you, from initial design, through to prototype and engaged with manufacture. 1 Off items, or 10,000 Off we have the capability to make anything.

Want More Specific Info?

Click on the handy documents below! These will give you data to help figure out how to layout your warehouse and how best to utalise your space. Plus it gives you information on standard sizes and components.

Free Design Service

BGW INDIA offers a free warehouse design service. This includes our representative coming out to see you for a free measure and quote of your warehouse. From this you receive a PDF plan layout of your warehouse and can see how to best fit out the space. Unlike other companies who try to sell you what they have in stock, a BGW INDIA consultant will listen to you and understand your specific needs.

Our consultants know the BGW INDIA product inside & out and are willing to take the time and effort designing the perfect floor plan for you, maximizing your warehouse design’s efficiency and capacity

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