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Sheet Racking

What Is Sheet Racking ?

Sheet racking is a pallet racking derived system designed for the storage of sheet materials such as sheet metal, wood, and plastic. Sheet racking can be customised to fit a wide range of sheet materials of varying weights, lengths and widths including:

  • Timber Sheet
  • Plywood
  • Plasterboard
  • Cabinet Maker Materials
  • Timber Panels
  • Cement Sheet
  • Security Mesh
  • Plastic Sheet
  • Laser Cutting Materials
  • Steel Panels
  • Fencing
  • Textile
  • Sheet Steel
  • Gyprock

The use of sheet racking to store sheet materials will free up floor space and allow for greater organisation as well as easier product accessibility and identification.

Improve Organisation& Warehouse Processes

Sheet racking can also be used to increase organisation and improve warehouse processes. This is because a sheet racking system allows for products to be organised by type, material, size, and any other factor pertinent to your warehouse processes.

Additionally, storing products in a pallet racking system rather than on the floor will free up floor space and allow for easy navigation of manual handling equipment, reducing picking times.

Reduce Product Damage

Sheet racking can also be used to reduce product damage. This is because the racking system provides an extra layer of protection between the product and the manual handling equipment. The sheet racking system also allows for products to be loaded and unloaded safely to minimise damage.

Additionally, sheet materials can become warped or damaged when stored incorrectly, however, the risk of this is significantly reduced when products are stored on the sturdy shelves of a BGW INDIA sheet racking system.

Increase Storage Capacity

Sheet racking can be used to increase the storage capacity of a warehouse. This is because a sheet racking system can be built as high as needed to fit as much product as possible in the space that would otherwise only hold one pack of sheet material when stacking products on the floor.

Increase Safety & Improved Handling

Not only will the use of sheet racking provide protection for your products, it can also increase safety for your workers. This is due to the fact that handling becomes easier when products are individually accessible and stored securely rather than in stacks on the floor.

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