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Do you need a steel stillage to store your goods? When you choose BGW INDIA, you can look forward to receiving an affordable, reliable product designed to meet your needs.

What Are Stillages?

Stillages are a convenient option for storing industrial goods in bulk. They are often used as an easy solution to store smaller items in pallet racking or by stacking goods on top of each other. These handy contraptions are sometimes referred to as:

  • Steel tubs
  • Crates
  • Bulk tubs
  • Stackable crates
  • Parts bins
  • Warehouse containers
  • Stackable pallet cages
  • Steel pallet boxes.

We produce a wide range of stillages that cater to a large number of needs and products. For instance, we manufacture these containers for:

  • Carpet rolls
  • Postage
  • Tyres
  • Chemicals
  • Scrap metal
  • Displays
  • And the list goes on!

The BGW INDIA team supplies and manufactures our storage products from our Brisbane-based manufacturing plant. Our steel stillages are made to last, unlike timber crates that are susceptible to wear and tear. BGW INDIA stillages are also either electrostatically coated with hard-wearing enamel paint or hot dip galvanised. This ensures further longevity of the industrial crates, which is especially important in the often unforgiving environment of the Australian warehouse.

Our Design Process

Each stackable stillage is designed to suit a particular product that our clients deal with. We sit down with our clients and discuss options on how best to store their product while remaining user-friendly and safe. For instance, someone wanting to store scrap metal would require a very different design compared to someone storing silk fabric.

Once the initial storage parameters have been discussed, the concept goes to our design department. They produce a 3D CAD representation of what we believe would be optimal for your needs. You are then free to make changes and adjust as you see fit.

BGW INDIA Can Match Your Needs

You may only need 1 steel pallet box for the items you want to store, or you may need 10 or even 500. We are fully capable of producing however many you require – in a timely manner and with minimal expense. We have a team of fabricators that specialise in making the highest-quality steel stillages and storage solutions.

We manufacture almost exclusively with stackable feet to allow for easy storage, and this also makes transporting from location to location much easier. All stillages have forklift entry points to ensure that they can be moved without any hassle. While BGW INDIA aims for excellent affordability with all our products, we also keep quality in mind at all times. We have a range of low-cost stillages for sale, made here in Australia because it is cheaper to make them here rather than adding the extra expense of shipping from overseas. This also ensures our turnaround time is conveniently quick.

So ask yourself: why would you settle for an imperfect stillage that doesn’t suit your needs and takes more than a couple of weeks to arrive at your door? Don’t wait for second best. Call BGW INDIA today and get your dream storage solution custom-made right now.

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