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Tyre Storage Racking

Does your garage or warehouse require high-quality automotive storage? Are you looking for a durable wheel rack to store bulk tyres? From bicycles to heavy vehicles, whatever tyres your business supplies, BGW INDIA has the solution with our sturdy tyre storage racks.

What Is Tyre Racking?

Tyre racking is a simple pallet racking derived system. With a tyre racking system, tyres are stored vertically and can be rolled off of the rack with minimal effort when needed. Two beams are situated at the front and back of each shelf to prevent tyres from rolling by themselves. This is a great alternative to stacking tyres on the floor as there is less risk of stacks falling and injuring someone. Storing tyres vertically also reduces the manual handling required when picking as tyres can be rolled straight off the rack rather than lifted off of a

Tyre storage racking can be used to store a variety of tyres including:

  • Car tyres
  • Motorbike tyres
  • Truck tyres
  • Off-road tyres
  • Racing tyres
  • Bicycle tyres
  • Trailer tyres
  • ATV tyres
  • Golf cart tyres

Our tyre storage rack solution gets your tyres off the floor and into a racking system that allows for easy picking, improving the productivity of your warehouse.

Practical And Convenient

The BGW INDIA racking system makes for quick and easy access to your tyres, allowing you to simply roll them off the rack when needed, while stacking tyres on the ground on top of each other requires time and labour to get to the items you need.

Our tyre warehouse system is especially designed to store tyres vertically, like a bookcase. This is an incredibly efficient way to store tyres because they can be rolled off and on the racks with minimal effort or fuss. The tyres still sit snuggly within the two beams to prevent them rolling off by themselves, so the tyre storage system can store many more tyres safely compared to stacking horizontally, and risking the dangers of the stack falling over.

Increased Floor And Storage Space

The vertical storage layout of the tyre racking system also ensures that the product can be labelled clearly, allowing you to efficiently organise the tyres you store. This is a great time saver for picking and retrieving by your staff as it clearly identifies where products are as well as segregating different product ranges.

This system is designed exclusively for hand picking and is often incorporated with a mezzanine floor to double or even triple warehouse floor space. Just imagine significantly increasing the floor space in your warehouse, allowing for additional stock, while paying the same square metre rates!

Choose Your Size?

The beams we use to store tyres are made from heavy-duty Australian-made steel that is strong enough to carry the weight of a full load of tyres, yet the system is so flexible that you can adjust the shelf heights yourself. Our innovative keyhole design enables the adjustable system to be easily modified, ensuring the product is always being used to its maximum potential to benefit your warehouse or garage.

Our system most commonly uses frames that are:

  • 450mm deep for motorcycles and dirt bike tyre storage
  • 600mm deep for typical car and automotive tyre storage
  • 840mm deep for truck and industrial tyre storage.

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